• what's in the bottle0:52
  • 2019 beatz Dmin clip0:56
  • new slow hop clip0:57
  • C me beat clip0:30
  • diss beat clip0:34
  • capricorny_22:35
  • new chains beat_21:55
  • new oingo clip_20:54
  • greg piano hip hop50:39
  • nu beat 2929 funky1:31
  • 2019 beatz Dmin alternative.cl1:30

All of the music on this page was written, performed and recorded by Alan Mayer at Starfish Recording. 200% of copyrights are owned by Alan Mayer. Alan Mayer also owns all rights to  "Starfish Beatz."

The master recordings are  stored in our system,  so any stems, alternate versions or mixes etc.   are available by request. 

In addition, should you require custom compositions or "beats" please contact Alan


  • clockwatcher's daydream1:30
  • simpatico 2020 no vocals3:48
  • fear n loathing 20161:50
  • at the movies clip1:06
  • round bounce0:23
  • bumper rocker0:44
  • alien uturn0:43

please contact Alan Mayer directly
at 510-798-4630

 or email aalan@starfishrecording.com



 1. The Price You Pay.  A melodic, hooky, high energy rock & roll song  with thoughtful lyricsreminiscent of Mike & the Mechanics and

  Tom Petty. It is a father's advice to his son who is about to leave the nest and make his way in the world. 176 BPM

 2. Contradiction- An orchestrated rock song, think Santana meets Pink Floyd. It is based on a conversation between two people, one angry

   the other hopeful, and how ultimately they can help each other through understanding.154 BPM

 3. I Don't Wanna- A peppy rock song featuring a 4-piece band style- Rolling Stones with a touch of Elvis Costello. A fun song about the joys of

   staying​ home.114 BPM

​ 4. Babe (Just a Little While)- A danceable, AOR mellow song about the evolution of a love affair.119 BPM

 5. Extraordinary- is an inspirational song about what it takes to be successful on your own terms. An R&B ballad with a quirky melody.126 BPM

​ 6. Words- A singer/songwriter, folkish, catchy tune about how easy it is to be misunderstood based on just the written words in modern

   communication. Words, after all, are just words.144 BPM

 7. We Danced- A samba and bossa nova-flavored rock song, with a romantic story about the power of dance to bring lovers together.180.5 BPM

 8. Carpe Diem (Now or Never)- Hooky, moody, dark, ethereal song about leaving the safe life, seizing the day.

   Like walking down empty streets in the rain with a guitar and a backpack to catch the midnight bus.122 BPM


Licensing page

for synch licensing any of the songs or musical pieces listed on this website as having been written by Alan Mayer please contact Alan Mayer directly

at 510-798-4630 or email at alan@starfishrecording.com

Instrumentals , logos, tags, bumpers,

 1. Fear 'n Loathing- A moody, sensitive instrumental song about living in scary times. Approximately 118 BPM
 2. Simpatico Instrumental-  
A Latin Rock song painting pictures of tropical nights and walks on the beach

 3. Clockwatcher's Daydream- A jazzy soundscape evocative of sweeping vistas and the capricious movements of time. shifting tempo 
 4. At The Movies- 
A hip-hop influenced movie soundtrack instrumental. 95 BPM
 5. Round Bounce- 
A short,quirky commercial bumper or intro similar to the old aka-seltzer theme but more futuristic

 6. Bumper Rocker- A short Jimi Hendrix influenced heavy rock ditty a

 7. Alien U-turn-  A futuristic,experimental, synthesizers and bongos experience

  • The Price You Pay2:36
  • contradiction20144:58
  • I don't wanna final_13:30
  • Babe Live (Just a Little While4:29
  • Extraordinary.Final Final_23:10
  • words3:40
  • We Danced 07.02.182:37
  • Carpe Diem3:02


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