Live, real time Mix Consultation from a professional engineer/ producer

(via Skype, Facetime, or phone)

 "It's like he's right there with me in my

  studio helping me mix"

-Joel Paxton , Los Angeles, CA

Please Call Alan at 510-798-4630 for more information or to schedule your session

​Have you written and recorded your song
but you know it could sound even better ?

FOR $30 per SONG:  We will listen critically to your stereo mix, then call, Facetime or Skype you right back with our production notes. With the mix up simultaneously on both of our systems, we'll talk about the mix in detail and you can make the suggested edits, eq adjustments, fader moves, etc. You can audition those changes instantly while I am still on the phone with you. Then if you message me the amended mix, I will do some light finishing touches, bounce it and and send it right back to you.


​​​Audio And Video Recording And Production Services in Vallejo

 *quality audio engineering at affordable prices

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​​​​​​​​We proudly accept all major credit cards

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Starfish Recording

Vallejo, CA


  "After 20 minutes on the phone with Alan, together we

   made major improvements to my mix. I messaged him

  the re-edited mix, he worked his magic on it and sent it

  back  a little bit later. Now it sounds fantastic." 

   -Silvie Spencer- Bellingham ,WA

​  audio recording services and music studio

Let us help you take your mix to the next level.

Get  immediate, detailed feedback with specific suggestions for edits, levels, effects, processing, etc.





If you want us to do even more to improve your mix, send us the stems (unmixed individual stereo or mono, preferably un-compressed .wav files of all your tracks) and we'll finish the editing and mixing on a per hour basis.

Your initial consultation fee will apply toward our remix service and/or any other services that we provide.  Add mastering, noise reduction, additional instrumentation or backing vocals for an additional fees. background vocal parts.

  --"I really enjoyed being able to send a song project and

  have it worked on in this manner. It's definitely a time saver

  and makes it easier to reach your goals.

 Thanks a bunch Alan.

 Sincerely, Julio V."
                -Midnight Studios- Santa Cruz,CA